August 23, 2021

Doing Our Part in Conserving Water

Fountains Roseville Water Fountain The Fountains simultaneously conserves water while offering amenities that guests enjoy.

The Fountains at Roseville is committed to saving water. Here are some measures we are taking or have taken to support water conservation:

  • All Fountains are 100% self-contained; recirculating systems
  • Fountain timers have been adjusted to reduce periods of operation
  • Water stored in fountain basins are treated with an environmentally safe chemical which reduces up to 60% of evaporation
  • Fountain filtration equipment has been upgraded for increased water efficiency
  • Nozzles have been changed to solid stream for further reduction of evaporation
  • A wind sensor shut-off valve system automatically turns off fountains during windy conditions
  • Irrigation usage reduced to 50%
  • Drip irrigation is utilized for approximately 75% of landscaping
  • Flowers and shrubs have been replaced with drought-resistant options wherever possible
  • Moisture retention products are used in planter areas
  • Motion sensor faucets are installed in public restrooms to alleviate unneccessary water use
  • Frequency in cleaning and maintaining awnings has been reduced by 60%
  • Water used in cleaning sidewalks, driveways and parking areas is only done to meet health and safety standards

The Fountains are part of the Roseville Community. We will continue to strive to explore additional ways to conserve water usage.