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Q – Is there an ATM in the center?
A – Unfortunately, we do not have an ATM on site.

Q – How many stores and restaurants are at Fountains?
A – 39 stores and 9 restaurants. View our directory for store and restaurant locations.

Q – Can I use my Fountain gift card at all locations in the Fountains?
A – YES! All stores and restaurants accept Fountains gift card, which makes it the perfect gift for anyone!

Q – Where are the restrooms located?
A – we have two restrooms in two convenient locations, please see our Directory Map for locations.

Q – Are pets welcome at the shopping center?
A – Absolutely. In fact, Petfood Express has lots of things to do with your pet including a self serve dog wash station.

Q – How often does the main street fountain dance to the music?
A – Every 30 minutes.

Q – How late does the main street fountain run?
A – The fountain runs till 10:00pm all year long.

Q – When is the children’s interactive fountain open?
A – Weather and event permitting, you can usually expect it open during the late Spring and Summer months. Call Guest Services to confirm.

Q – Can we bring our own shade while our kids play at the interactive fountain?
A – We ask that guests do not bring their own means of shade, but rather enjoy the shade provided by all our trees.

Q – Can I roast marshmallows at the firepit?
A – Its sounds like fun, but we cannot allow any roasting at the fire pit.

Q – Does the main street train run year round?
A – Weather permitting, the train runs from 11:00am to 6:00pm all year long.

Q – When are FREE train ride days?
A – Your little one can enjoy a FREE train ride every Tuesday.

Q – Who occupies the space on the second floor in the building above ColdWater Creek?
A – Offices. From Real Estate Brokers to Law Firms, Fountains leases office space above that entire building.

Q – What is the Summer Concert schedule?
A – Every Wednesday and Saturday from May to October. Please see our events page for more details.

Q – How often do you have events?
A – Year round. Please see our events page for more details.

Q – HOw much does it cost to attend a concert?
A – Our concerts are FREE, however, limited seating is available.

Q – Who do I contact to perform at the Fountains?
A – Please contact our Events Coordinator at

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